With so many choices on the multimedia market, it can become complex to navigate and determine the best product for your needs.
At AVH Technologies, we are looking for the best quality for our customers. Our wide selection of manufacturers and suppliers allow us to offer you the best for your project at an affordable price! Here are some of them:
Anchor Portable sound systems
Audio-visual cart
CCTN Whiteboards
Chief Projectors and monitors mounting systems
Da-lite Manual, electric and portable projection screens
Epson Projectors, interactive projectors, printers and educational program
Kramer Control systems
Mustang Projector mount
NEC LCD Screens, projectors
OSE Software solutions
Peerless av Mounting systems for flat panel TV and projectors
Philips LCD screens, touch screens
Quest Sound systems
Samson Wireless microphones, mixers, amplifiers
Sharp LCD screens, touch screens
Soundtube Speaker